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This CD was originally produced as a Vinyl in the early 1960’s and recorded by Sunita. In her own voice Sunita gives an Introduction to Pranayama Yoga and the Slip Second Formula (Track 1) and Deep Relaxation (Track 2). This recording is a companion to her book ‘Pranayama Yoga - The Art of Relaxation’ which was originally published in 1965. To compliment the CD is a recording by Elsa Freeman (one of Sunita’s students) who gives an hour’s lesson on Pranayama Yoga (Track 3).

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Introduction & Slip-Secondmp3logo2

Yogini Sunita ( 9 mins 29 secs )


Deep Relaxationmp3logo2a

Yogini Sunita ( 5 mins 35 secs )


Pranayama Yoga - 1 Hour Lessonmp3logo2b

Elsa Freeman ( 58 mins 28 secs )

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