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Art of Relaxation – Book Review
'There is no instruction manual for life, how it works or troubleshooting pages, however this is the closest manual you’ll get, a ‘way of life’ if you will. I only wish I’d read it 24 years ago as part of my studies at school. It would have been such a valuable lesson which may have allowed me to have more peace and contentment during those years that followed.'
Kim, 38

Pranayama Yoga
'I had never done Pranayama Yoga before but was interested in its concentration on breathing, relaxation and inner calm as well as the physical movements. Pranayama Yoga encourages everyone to go just as far as it is right for them at that time and there is no pressure, disharmony or stress. Everyone in our class has made great progress over the years; improving flexibility… and importantly looking so much better when they leave compared to when they arrived!! (The inner calm is working!!)'
Angela, Director

'Pranayama Yoga has been a wonderful experience. It has brought calmness to the chaos; caring for my mind and body simultaneously. A weekly pamper for myself that will have long lasting benefits keeping me fit, more supple and healing from the inside.'
Vicki, Director

Anxiety and Panic Attacks
'Having had no experience of Yoga, but being medically advised to try it in order to ease my anxiety and panic attacks, I did approach the first class with some trepidation. But I needn't have worried as Pranayama Yoga teaches you at the pace YOU feel comfortable with.  

I am convinced the relaxed and friendly classes have helped me tremendously in my recovery. It's now something I really look forward too.'
Dave Wiltshire

MS Diagnosed in 1999
'About a year ago, my self-confidence was at a low and I felt it was time I challenged my issues. I needed a form of exercise which helped me maintain my balance and flexibility, yet was non-competitive and enjoyable. Pranayama Yoga has taught me the importance of making time to concentrate on my physical and mental well-being. I can now do the first movements which I never thought I could achieve. Although I still have goals which seem impossible, I now feel able to pursue these with confidence.'
Rachel, 41

'A wonderful way of life that has an answer for everything.'
Stephanie - Pranayama Yoga Teacher

'There is a line in the book which states
"When one truly is in need, help comes through a friendly human if it’s a human need and through a friendly God if it’s a spiritual need”
This is perhaps, the one line that I believe and hold onto the most as for the past 22 years I have been connected to Pranayama Yoga, first as a student and then as a teacher and now as I look back I realise it remains perhaps the single biggest influence on the way I choose to live my life.
Stuart Morris - Director of The Birmingham Holistic
Health Centre.

Pranayama Yoga