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You have read about the attaining of ‘practical peace of mind’. I have told you the story of this ageless philosophy with the most direct method of approach: the human one. I know too, that the personal approach is also the quickest.

About personal experiences, I know only too well that yours and mine are equally fascinating. The story of your life and mine and the volume of memories contained therein, can never quite be expressed in words. Without our personal experiences life could not be fully lived. Every human being tells an amazing story. These stories are all recorded in the sands of time…

Since studying Pranayama Yoga and teaching it, I now live it completely. Complete involvement in the moment and complete detachment afterwards, until the next moment, have brought fulfilment into my life. It is through ‘this moment’ that I believe time and eternity are but ‘the present moment’…

My advice to you, for whatever it is worth, is to request that you come closer to this moment, for in this second lies the completion of one’s destiny.

Through the ages and today, a most important fact remains, that Pranayama Yoga prevails as the most successful form of all the Yoga’s. It is personally recommended from one individual to another. From East to West – from the Lotus to the Rose.

It is unimportant whether or not man leaves his footprints in the sands of time. Human nature loves and hates, remembers and forgets, accepts and rejects continually.

Man is far more attached and impressed by the creation of nature and man, rather than the hand of friendship of the Creator.

Whilst it is tremendous to live and complete a human destiny, it is important to live this destiny without ever allowing the cares and problems of life to implant themselves on the personality, mind and body. Life is far too precious to be given permanently to a mere ‘span’. If one human can achieve this way of life without strings, then, any human can achieve the ultimate.

Perhaps you will study, practise and even teach Pranayama Yoga as time goes by. But some day you may wish to be a true exponent of this subject. This is only possible through the “mind” study of a lifetime, that you are able to keep the forehead completely clear from the cares of life. This clear brow is the life of a Yogi, from dawn to dusk (throughout life) and into eternity - Nirvana.

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