Pranayama Yoga

Reprinted From the Leaflet that was Inserted
in the First Edition

Written by Wendy Cooper, Author, Broadcaster, Journalist.


It is over four years now since Sunita came to live in this country, and about three since I first met her. I had been asked to interview her for BBC and I remember the occasion so clearly because technically everything that could go wrong did go wrong. This can be pretty upsetting for the ‘victim’ particularly having to repeat the whole business several times, but Sunita kept quite calm and relaxed and in the end gave me a splendid piece on Yoga and how it could be fitted into the Western way of life.

It was my first experience of Yoga and the philosophy behind it, and I was impressed. Since then I have seen Sunita ride many other crises in the same imperturbable way. She certainly practises what she preaches, and that is more convincing to me than anything else. I subsequently did a complete course of Yoga Relaxation with her, which I wrote up, lesson by lesson, for the Birmingham Post. It was followed twelve months later by

a course in the Physical Yoga, and this too was written up as I did it, with photographs illustrating each exercise.

There is no doubt that Yoga seems to answer a great need among us today. In these few years, without ever striving for publicity, Sunita’s work has become known throughout the country, and Sutton Coldfield now has become the official Yoga Relaxation Centre for Great Britain. The demand is now so great that Sunita not only takes classes under the local Education Authorities Education schemes, but also trains other teachers, and it is a measure of the acceptance of her work, that many people are now sent to her by British doctors for treatment.

But quite apart from the remedial aspects for special problems, such as slipped disc, arthritis, rheumatism, migraine and slimming, Yoga helps us to smooth out tension and frustrations and provides a new source of energy. It teaches acceptance of life, tackling one thing at a time and living for each moment.

Some people have reservations that the spiritual side of Yoga may bring them into conflict with their own deeply-held convictions, but this simply is not true. Yoga only teaches you to know yourself. It strengthens the individual spirit, enabling you to live fully and give fully. Through it, you have the opportunity to become better and more complete human beings.

Advanced Yoga Students with Sunita do, if they wish it, attempt meditations, but these are always strictly of a non-religious, non-political nature.

And in this lies the secret of Sunita’s success – it is this meeting of East and West, and combining the best of both. It is the coming together of the Lotus and the Rose.

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