Pranayama Yoga

Foreword to the
First Edition

by Miss Jean Morton of Associated TeleVision Ltd

Living as I do in the tremendous hustle and bustle, stress and strain of Television, I find the ‘Art of Relaxation’ invaluable.

Yogini Sunita's teaching is unique in that she is able to inspire her pupils, enabling them to ‘slip a second’. This teaches to empty the mind of worry. At the same time, the health-giving Yoga exercises keep one in peak form. These exercises are not easy at first, but perseverance is well worthwhile, and helps enormously towards preserving a youthful figure and an alert mind.

One of my favourite expressions at the Television studios, when asked when I am particularly busy, has always been: “Busy? I'm standing on my head ..."

Now, with Sunita's help, I can achieve this, whenever I feel like a change of scene. In this 20th century, peace of mind is at a premium. Let the teachings of Pranayama Yoga flow through your mind and body to bring you a calm and contented spirit.

I have always felt that the East has so much to give to the West in this way. Surely in Yoga, the Lotus joins with the Rose, to produce harmony in mind, spirit and body.

With love



Miss Jean Morton having her first Yoga lesson

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